Multiple Depot Operation

Multiple Locations

Excalibur supports despatch operations at multiple locations with support for regional and head offices.

Data Exchange

Excalibur permits full control over the information which is disseminated automatically between depots, ensuring that sensitive information can be protected, e.g. pricing information, etc.


While it is desirable to have a Wide Area Network (WAN) installed encompassing all depots, simple dial-up connections can be utilised for small operations - a despatch office can be little more than a single PC with a conventional modem.

Fault Tolerance

Excalibur is designed to allow remote depots to continue with uninterrupted despatch operations in the event of a communications failure. Once a communications failure is corrected, Excalibur will re-synchronise the data to bring all depots up-to-date.

The software standard for the Aggregates Industry just got better!

Excalibur provides the ultimate solution for the aggregates and extraction industries and related businesses, enabling efficient and effective management of weighbridge and despatch transactions. Excalibur lets you despatch your products quickly and efficiently, price despatches in real-time, and make customer, contract and haulier billing a more flexible, faster process into your back office accounts system.


Despatch Operations

Speed is of the essence. Quickly process dockets, preventing backlog of vehicles at the despatch office.

Account Management

Excalibur supports customers, suppliers and contracts (job costing) with full pricing and credit control.

Enquiries & Work Orders

Enter comprehensive information for each enquiry, track progress and manage resulting work orders.

Multiple Depot Operation

Despatch operations are supported at multiple locations with support for regional head offices.

Reporting & Data Analysis

Powerful reporting with end-user report designer, scheduled emailed reports and multiple export formats.